METRC Item Brands

Relevant States

The process below applies in Ohio and Michigan.

METRC Item Brands

This document lists steps to create Items and METRC Item Brands for the states above. For more information on item brands, refer to the Official Guidelines provided by Ohio here.

The states above require all operators to assign a METRC Item Brand to each Item. So before creating items, you need to submit your item brand, pay for it (In some states), and wait for the state to approve it. Follow the steps below to create items successfully:

  1. Log into METRC > Admin > Item Brands.
  2. Create an Item Brand in METRC directly. Pay the required amount and wait until the brand is approved.
    MI METRC clients can create them without having to pay for them.
  3. Flourish Syncs all the METRC Item Brands when you click the Sync METRC Packages button. If you did not click, no worries; the automatic overnight sync takes care of that. You can also sync the new bards from METRC when you create the item (see Step 5).
  4. Once the METRC Item Brand is synced, go into Settings > Inventory to create an item. You can see all Active Item brands and select one while creating an Item.
The Brand drop-down is separate from the METRC Item Brand, so make sure you know the difference between the two.
  1. Once you select the relevant Category, the METRC Item Brand selector will pop up.
  2. Click the Refresh Item Brand to sync the latest brands to Flourish.
  3. Select the METRC Item Brand, fill in all the required information, and click Create Item. Item now pushes to METRC.
  4. Any brand edits/additions/removal happens directly in METRC.

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