2022.12.13 Software Release 4.76.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.76.0


  1. Recreational Retail
    Process a sale as a recreational sale or a medical sale.
  2. Florida Retail
    Automatic dispensation to MMUR on delivery orders.
  3. Outbound
    Move an Outbound Order between Flourish Facilities.
  4. QuickBooks Desktop Integration
    Export Data From Flourish To QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Analytics
    New reports.
  6. Manufacturing
    Adding Waste UOM and comment when recording waste for a manufacturing run.
  7. Web App retail purchases
    Creating, saving, and editing retail web purchases more efficiently.
  8. Categories display
    Enhanced the Item Categories in Flourish display for facilities integrated with METRC.


Recreational Retail

Process a sale as a Medical sale or a Recreational sale in the following circumstances:

  1. In a state that allows recreational retail.
  2. A facility that is not designated as a Medical facility.

Learn more here.

Florida Retail

Flourish now automates dispensations to the MMUR for retail delivery orders. Learn more here.


You can move an outbound order from one Flourish facility to another and keep the same Order ID. Learn more here.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

We built several Analytics reports to export data from Flourish to QuickBooks Desktop. Learn more here.


New reports

Inventory - Sellable Qty Report

Displays your sellable inventory quantities.

  • Please find it in Analytics/Reports/Inventory/Sellable Qty Report.

Manufacturing - Manufacturing Run Details V2

Displays the manufacturing run ID once and all the details for the run.

  • Please find it in Analytics/Reports/Manufacturing/Manufacturing Run Details V2.


When you record waste for a manufacturing run, you can specify the Waste UOM and record a Comment.

View the data in the following reports:

Web App retail purchases

We made creating, saving and editing retail web purchases more efficient. 

You will notice it when you do the following:

  • Start a new purchase: We streamlined the amount of data the application requires when starting a new purchase and transitioning into Edit mode.
  • Select items: The dropdown will load up to 50 items, not thousands, so please type to find the item.
  • Saving: Again, streamlined the amount of data required to save and transition.

Categories display

When you go to Settings/Inventory/Classes & Categories-All categories, we added a column to the Item Categories grid for External Mapping, to display any METRC Categories the Flourish item category is mapped to.

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