METRC Retail Delivery: Edit order after marking “Out For Delivery”

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This workflow is for clients using Flourish Retail Dellivery and METRC.

Follow these steps for when an order needs to be edited after being marked "Out for Delivery."

  1. Find the order from the Purchases by Store page: 
  1. Click the Purchase ID of the purchase that needs to be edited. This will open the purchase. 
  2. Click ‘Mark as Undeliverable’ button and acknowledge that the delivery WILL be removed from the delivery route it is assigned to. 



  1. The Purchase is now in an Undeliverable status. From here click Mark as Packed to change the status to Packed. 
  1. The Purchase can now be Sent back to Created to be edited.  


  1. From Created the purchase can be edited to reflect the correct quantity/items sold. 


  1. Since the order was removed from the delivery route earlier, it will need to be added to a new delivery route, and marked as Out for Delivery.  

NOTE: This will once again create the delivery in METRC 

  1. Finally the order can be completed at the POS. 

NOTE: This will once complete the delivery in METRC and decrements inventory. 


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