Bulk Actions - Add Packages to an Order

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Use the Bulk Actions in the Inventory Module to quickly build an order or add packages to an existing order.

  1. Navigate to Inventory which will default to the All Packages view.
  2. Use the Bulk Actions dropdown menu at the top of the grid and select Add to Outbound Order:
  1. After you select Add to Outbound Order, check the packages you'd like to include. The selected packages will appear in the side panel. In the side panel, you can choose to add the packages to a New Order (select the Destination, and Sales Rep if required, of the new order). You will be taken to the newly created order after confirming.
  1. ...Or you can select the tab in the side panel to add the selected packages to an Existing Order (select the Order ID). You will be taken to the order after confirmation.

Using the Flourish mobile app, packages can be scanned to create a new order or add to an existing order:

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