California METRC cultivators - How to create clones from immature plants batches.

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The change in METRC California

Starting 6/1/2020, METRC updated its API to require a source package or source plant when creating plant batches in cloning.

Since ‘Mother’ or ‘Veg’ groups are considered immature and their plants are not tagged individually, creating clones from Mother or Veg groups requires you to select a source plant batch and an available package tag. The process creates a package of clones from the immature batch (without decrementing the count of active plants in the batch), then consumes the package when creating the clones.

If you don't already have an in-sync item of category Immature Plants or Clone - Cutting for the relevant strain, Flourish Software creates the item for you in the process. Scroll down to the end of this article to find instructions on creating an item in the category Immature Plants or Clone - Cutting.
If the Flourish user responsible for creating plants does not have permission in METRC to create/update items, and there is not already a valid item for Flourish to use for the clone package, METRC will return an error in this step.

Create a clone group for an immature batch

Here's an interactive tutorial


1. The first step is to open Flourish and click Grow.

Step 1 image

2. Scroll up and click Clone.

Step 2 image

3. Click Create plants.

Step 3 image

4. Click Select room.

Step 4 image

5. Select the room.

Step 5 image

6. Click Strain to select the Strain.

Step 6 image

7. Type the first few letters of the strain name in the search bar to quickly and easily find your strain.

Step 7 image

8. Select the  Strain. 

Step 8 image

9. Select the Source of the clones. 

Step 9 image

10. For this example we'll use Select Clones from Veg Group. 

The process is the same if you select Clones from Mother Group.

Step 10 image

11. Click Select Veg Group. 

Step 11 image

12. Select the Veg Group. 
The system displays the Veg Groups relevant to the strain you selected.

Step 12 image

13. Click Source plants batch.

Step 13 image

14. Select the Source plants batch.

Step 14 image

15. Type Total Clones and Press Tab.

Step 15 image

16. Click on New if you choose to create a new clone group.
You can also add to an existing group by selecting Existing.

Step 16 image

17. Click New Group Name.

Step 17 image

18. Type the New Group Name.

Step 18 image

19. Click Available Package Tag. 

Step 19 image

20. Select a Package Tag.
The system is using the tag to create an interim package of clones.
When you click to create the clones, the system creates the clones from the package and consumes the package.

Step 20 image

21. Click Plant Batch Tag.

Step 21 image

22. Select a plants batch tag. 

Step 22 image

23. You can click the calendar icon to adjust the date and time of the creation of the Clone Group.

Step 23 image

24. If needed, Adjust the date and time of the creation of the Clone Group.

Step 24 image

25. Click Generate New Plant IDs.

Step 25 image

26. Scroll up and click CREATE CLONES.

Step 26 image

27. You can click Print Plant Tags, Create More Plants or continue your work.

Step 27 image

28. That's it. You're done.

Step 28 image

Clone batch out of sync?

Get your clone batch back in sync.

Create the Immature Plants / Clone-Cutting item in Flourish

  1. In Flourish go to Manage Settings.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. Click Create New item.
  4. Submit the relevant information as you can see here:
  5. Save the item.
  6. Go to State Eligibility and verify the item is synced for the relevant facility. COMPLIANCE CATEGORY will be Immature Plants or Clone - Cutting
  7. Make sure the item is synced successfully to METRC.

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