Managing Non-Cannabis Inventory

Managing Non-Cannabis Inventory

Managing non-cannabis items is the same for METRC and Non-METRC users. Follow this document to learn how to manage non-cannabis items and lots.

In order to manage non-cannabis items, please make sure:

  1. You created non-cannabis items
  2. You received non-cannabis inventory via purchase order.

Once the inventory is in Flourish, manage it by going to the Inventory screen.

To manage non-cannabis items:

  1. go to the Inventory Module, Click Inventory on the top tab bar, and then click 'All Inventory'.
  1. Next, using the TYPE filter, select Raw Materials and Supplies, or search for the item. This will now show you a list of all non-cannabis items.
  2. To execute an action on the item, click the Action button next to the item.

Below are the actions you can perform:

  • Adjust quantity - Use this to adjust the quantity up or down. The following information is needed to adjust the quantity:
  • Adjustment Reason Code - To create/manage adjustment codes, use this help doc.
  • Comment - Open-ended text field
  • Available quantity - update the quantity to reflect what's on hand.
If multiple lots/batches are present, then you can adjust the quantity of each batch individually.
  • Edit Lots/Costs - Use this action to edit/update lot numbers and costs associated with them. Note - Costs are inherited using the inbound purchase order costs.
  • Global Inventory (multiple licenses only) - This option will show the inventory levels for this item across different licenses
  • Locate Inventory - This is to move an item from an area to another area. For items with multiple lots, you will select the specific lot you are trying to move.

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