Create Package from Package

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This process allows you to create one or multiple new packages from an existing source package or packages directly from the Inventory Grid. This is commonly used when you split a package or draw from multiple source packages to combine.

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory > All Packages
  2. Locate the source package you want to begin with.
  3. Click the Action menu associated with the selected source package. Then, from the dropdown menu, select "Create Package."
  1. Specify Package Details:
    1. In the "Create New Package" dialog that appears; enter the quantity you want to create in the new package.
By default, the new package will inherit the details from the source package you started from.
  1. Creating Multiple Packages (Optional):
    1. You can create multiple new packages with different quantities in a single session.
      • Click the sign to add another line, where you can specify the "Number of packages" and the "Qty per package (ea)"
      • Click the sign to remove the line. Learn more here.
  2. Add Additional Source Packages (Optional):
    1. If necessary, you can include additional source packages in this process.

The system will automatically validate that the weights of the source package(s) and the new package balance. There's also an override option if you need to allow for differing input/output quantities (see below).

If the override option is selected, an option to auto-create a waste record will be displayed.

METRC Users: Waste records will not be sent to METRC. This is because METRC does not currently support the concept of waste when creating packages. These records can be found under Inventory > Waste Log.
  1. Click Review and Confirm to review the details of the new packages and the source packages. Fill in any required and optional information. Finally, click Create New Package to execute the creation process.

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