Creating a Bill of Materials

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Creating a Bill of Materials allows you to create products with multiple components and decreases inventory counts all at once.

It also allows for calculating costs of goods based on the accumulated costs of each component (unit costs).

  1. The first step is to open Flourish Software and navigate to Manage Settings.
  2. Click on Inventory Tab.
  3. Enter in the item you want to create or edit the Bill of Materials for.
Access the list of existing Bill of Materials by clicking the Items dropdown menu and clicking on All BOMs.
  1. Select the Item Name or click Create New Item. Once the item is created or selected, click on the Bill of Materials tab on the Item screen.
Tip: All components must exist as individual items first. For how to Create New Items, see: Item Creation & Management
  1. Click on Create or Clone an existing Bill of Materials.
  1. Add components by clicking +Add New Detail. You can add an Item or a Category to the components list. Selecting an item category for your BOM will allow you to choose any active packages of that category when creating new inventory using the BOM.
Tip: Click the pencil icon to edit the line item of the existing bill of materials.
  1. Click the green check mark to save the line item component.
  2. Once you've added or modified your product components, click Save. You're done!
For how to create your inventory using a BOM, see Creating Inventory From Bill of Materials

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