2020.04.20 Software Release 4.10.0

Updated by NIr Malchy


April 20, 2020




  1. Bulk Package Actions


  1. Bulk Package Actions

We added the ability for users to select multiple packages from the All Packages Grid to take actions on. Combine, locate and start a manufacturing run are the actions that we are releasing on 4/20/20. We will be releasing additional actions in the coming weeks.

Combine Packages - Users have the ability to combine packages quickly by selecting multiple packages to be combines into one new package.

Learn more here: Combine Packages

Locate Packages - Users can select multiple packages locate as once.

Learn more here: Locate Packages

Start a Manufacturing Run - Users can select multiple packages to start a manufacturing run with.

Learn more here: Start a Manufacturing Run

We have facility configurations to allow users greater control on what can be combined.

Admin > Configuration > Inventory

  • Users can toggle bulk package actions on or off for a facility.
  • Limit what packages can be combined to only the same item name.
  • Limit what packages can be combined by requiring packages have the same lot/batch.

Learn more here: Activate and edit Inventory "Bulk Actions"

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