2023.03.21 Software Release 4.83.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.83.0


  1. METRC
    Enhanced performance for rolling-period retail purchase limits.
  2. Settings: Vendors and Strains bulk create and update.
    Create and update vendors using a spreadsheet export and import. Also, we added additional attributes to the strain bulk update feature. Destination bulk update via spreadsheet is coming out soon.
  3. Settings: Brand Management
    New screen to manage your brands, which you can add as an item attribute.
  4. Printing
    Adding item reference fields to the package and harvest package label template (e.g. case size).
  5. External API
    1. Added support for order line lot number to the POST and PUT outbound order endpoints.
    2. Updated email and phone requirements for retail customer endpoints.
    3. Added support for the "Needs Review" parameter to the POST retail order endpoint.



Retail Purchase limits

We made some performance enhancements to our rolling-period purchase limit validation to speed up the process and provide a better overall experience. Learn more about retail purchase limits.



We made it simpler for you to manage your vendors. Now you can create and update vendors in bulk.

This feature calls for an update on your user role; learn more about it here.


Manage all your brands in one place. Learn more here on brand management.


We added two more attributes to bulk create/update strains:

  • Flowering Days.
  • Vegetation Days.

Learn more about creating and updating strains in bulk.


Item-level ref fields on package labels

You can now configure item reference fields on package and harvest package label templates.

With this feature, you can print data that is item specific when you print a package label. One use case is a crowd-pleaser! If you know the case size according to the item you sell, you can include the case size on the package label by using one of the Reference fields on the Item level to the case size. Learn more about case size on a package label.

External API

Adding order line lot number for outbound orders

If you sell cannabis items by LOT, this is useful for you. We added support for specifying the lot number on an order line when you create or update an outbound order using the external API. Check out our API documentation for details:

Update email and phone requirements for retail customers

We relaxed the requirement to have an email when creating a retail customer. Specify either an email or phone number. Check out our API documentation for details:

Adding support for the "Needs Review" order attribute when creating a retail order

We added the Needs Review parameter to the POST retail order API endpoint. Use this to flag an order for the fulfillment team to review it prior to packing. Check out our API documentation for details:

When you create a retail order with "needs_review": true the order is flagged red on the Purchases grid:

When you view the purchase, you will see the Needs Review box checked. Uncheck this box to remove the flag.

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