Sync Flourish to multiple Leaflink Companies and Brands

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Flourish supports integrating with multiple LeafLink Companies (Pages) that may list multiple Brands under each LeafLink Company (Page).

Orders sync

If you are routing orders from LeafLink to multiple Flourish facilities, the orders are routed based on sales reps. Learn more here.

Items sync

When you integrate Flourish with multiple Leaflink companies, set your Flourish items sync to the relevant Leaflink company.

Sync By Brand

  • The integration uses the Item Brand in Flourish Software to sync to the correct Company in LeafLink.
  • The key is to set up the 'Brand' for the item in Flourish Software to match the brands on the LeafLink pages.
  • If you use Product line: The Product Line must exist in LeafLink under the specific Brand. Learn more here.


Example with two Companies (Pages) in LeafLink, each set up as follows:

  • Company A has multiple brands under it. If your item "Brand" in Flourish matches one of the brands under Company A, your item in Flourish will sync to an item under Company A.
  • Company B has no brands under it. All the items in Flourish that you want to sync under Company B, should have the 'Brand' name "Company B".
Company A

In LeafLink, Company A has four Brands:

In Flourish Software

To ensure that the item is synced to a LeafLink product for Company A in the "Rose Gardens" brand, set the 'Brand' for the item in Flourish to "Rose Gardens".
  • The item 3.5g Flower Blue Dream has the Brand "Rose Gardens"

In Leaflink

After the sync, this is how the Product looks in LeafLink Company A:

Company B
  • Set up your Integration with LeafLink, Company B, following the steps here.
  • In LeafLink, Company B has no brands under it.
  • The default 'Brand' of all the items in LeafLink is "Company B":
To ensure that items are synced to LeafLink products in Company B, set the 'Brand' for the items in Flourish to "Company B":

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