Retail POS Create an In-Store Purchase

After you've checked in a customer, it's time to build their cart. You'll add all of the items that your customer wants, including any discounts they qualify for, before allocating packages and finally checking out your customer.

  1. In the POS, navigate to Queue > In-Store > Checked In.
  2. Click the Start Sale button to begin building the cart.
If you've already started the sale but have not sent it to fulfillment, your customer's order will be found under Queue > In-Store > Shopping. Clicking View Cart will open the order so you can edit it.
  1. Use the search bar under your customer's name to search for items.
  1. When you've located the correct item, click the Add to Cart button.
  1. Use the arrows or click into the field to change the ordered quantity.
    1. You can also split an order line into multiple lines if needed.
  2. Repeat steps 3 - 5 until the order is correct.
  3. Add any discounts that your customer qualifies for.
  4. When the order has been built, you can click the Send to Fulfillment button or fulfill it from the POS.

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