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Before checking or completing the purchase, you can void a retail transaction on the web app.

To maintain the integrity of till reporting, you may only void a transaction on a till that occurred during the current Till Session. If you have since closed the till, you will not be able to void the transaction.


Configure your user role to have permission to Void payment transactions with a PIN. The action permission is available under both Retail and Call Center Purchases.

Web App

  1. Click  Settings.
  2. Select User Roles.
  3. Select the facility you need.
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the Role to configure.
  5. Locate Retail or Call Center.
  6. Click on the Actions menu next to Purchases.
  7. Toggle Void payment transaction with PIN 'On.'
  8. Click the to close the Actions for Retail Purchases modal.
  9. Click .

Void a Transaction

  1. In Flourish Web app, go to Retail.
  2. Locate the purchase.
  3. Locate the transaction in the Transaction History part of the purchase.
  4. On the TRANSACTION ID column, locate the Transaction you want to void
  5. Click the Void link.
  6. Type the following:
    1. Void Transaction ID.
    2. User PIN. If the user entering the PIN has permission to void the transaction, a Success message will appear and the Void button will be enabled.
  7. Click Void.
  8. On the POS, the payment is removed from the Purchase, and you can proceed.
  9. The Web app display the voided transactions as Voided and the amounts will appear crossed-out.

Void a transaction on a 'Completed' order

You can void a transaction on a 'Completed' order as long as:

  1. The Till that registered the transaction is still open and in the same session.
  2. No returns/refunds have been issued against the order.

This action will do the following:

  • Transition the order back to 'Packed' Status.
  • Any inventory allocated to the order and decremented on completion will be reallocated as it had been before completion.

After this, you can complete the order with a new payment or cancel it.


If you void a payment transaction on a 'Completed' order that has already synced to METRC, Flourish does the following:

  1. Revert the order from 'Completed' to 'Packed' status.
  2. Cancels ("delete") the order in METRC. 

After the steps above, you can also cancel the order in Flourish.


You can view the data on voided transactions in the following reports:

  • Till Report - Find in Reports / Point of Sale - Till Report.
  • Transactions by Facility Report - Find in Reports / Point of Sale - Transactions by Facility Report.

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