Before Setting Up LeafLink Integration

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Before you set up and activate the integration between LeafLink and Flourish Software, ensure that all the data and the data points are ready.

Follow the steps below to ensure things are running smoothly between the two platforms.

Items in Flourish Software

  • Add a strain to any "Strain Specific" items.
METRC Clients (Click to expand)
Ensure that the relevant items are “Strain required” and “Strain Specific”.

1. Go to Settings > Inventory > Item.
2. If under Compliance Requirements > Requires Strain is Yes, turn the Strain Req. Toggle on and select the Strain
from the dropdown.
3. Click Save to save your changes.

Match the Data Points

Data points

  • Items in Flourish map to Products in LeafLink by the SKU.
  • Categories - Consider using Custom Categories to sync to a Leaflink Category. You may not need to use this process.
  • Leaflink Product Listing State.
  • Customers in LeafLink map to Destinations in Flourish by the License Number. Flourish allows Destinations to have the same name but different license numbers when syncing incoming Orders from LeafLink.
  • Strains in both platforms match by strain name - case sensitive!
  • Sales Reps - in both platforms match by the email.
  • Product line - The product line in Flourish must match what is available in Leaflink.
  • Leaflink Product Listing State - The listing state for products in LeafLink should be "Available" to start working with Flourish Inventory. See Leaflink Product Listing State.
  • Batch - Flourish Software Syncs a Leaflink Batch as Lot Number. The Batch in leaflink must match the Lot# in Flourish. Learn about LeafLink - Sell by Batch.
  • Brands - By Name

If items from LeafLink already exist in Flourish, map the Items and Destinations (Customers in LeafLink).

Mapping prevents Flourish from overwriting or creating duplicates.

Ensure the SKU of the item in Flourish Software matches the SKU of the product in LeafLink. Learn more here.


  • Items in Flourish map to Products in LeafLink.
  • For existing items, ensure the SKU matches exactly in both Flourish and LeafLink. Learn more here.
  • If you use Product Line in LeafLink, ensure the Product Line for the item in Flourish matches precisely the one in Leaflink. Learn more here about updating the Product Line in Flourish.
  • If you are working with Brands, make sure the Brands match precisely between the two platforms. Learn more here about Brands in Flourish.
Sell in Multiples

  • In Leaflink, when the "Units of Measure" for a product is 'Unit' ('Each'), you can set the item to "Sell in Multiples".
  • When you do that, you designate the "Individual units per case".
  • When you create the order in Leaflink, you can designate the number of cases you sell.
  • When the order syncs to Flourish Software, you will see the corresponding number of 'Eaches' accordingly.

For example:

In Leaflink, you set the Product to the following:

  • "Sell in Multiples"
  • "Individual units per case" = 10

This is how the Product looks in Leaflink:

Set Up in Leaflink

Display In Leaflink

You create a new order in Leaflink to sell one case of this product. This is how the order line looks in Leaflink:

Order Line In Leaflink

In Flourish Software, you allocate 10 'Eaches' to the order line.

This is how the order line looks in Flourish Software:

This is how the order line looks in Flourish Software

The listing states for products in LeafLink are:

  • "Available"
  • "Archived" 
  • "Sample" 
  • "Backorder" 
  • "Internal" 
  • "Unavailable"

Items created in Flourish and synced to LeafLink are created, in Leaflink, with the "Available" listing state.

Previously, updating an item in Flourish, like the product line, would sync to LeafLink and always set the product to "Available." After receiving client feedback, we changed this behavior, and the sync of an item to Leaflink does not change the listing states for products in LeafLink.


  • Customers in LeafLink map to Destinations in Flourish
  • For existing destinations and customers, ensure the License Number matches exactly in both Flourish and LeafLink.
  • A new destination will be created in Flourish if a customer in LeafLink is not n Flourish Software when the order is synced.


  • For existing strains, ensure the strain name matches strictly between Flourish and LeafLink.
  • Strains are not case-sensitive. For example, the Strain OG KUSH in Flourish Software will sync to an existing Strain in LeafLink called og kush. If it doesn't exist, Flourish Software will create it in LeafLink.

Sales Reps

Make sure the email of the Sales Rep matches on both platforms.

If you are routing orders from LeafLink to multiple Flourish facilities, the orders are routed based on sales reps. We will cover that later in the process. If your orders are routed based on sales reps, look below to see how to set up your sales reps.

If John Smith sells for Facility A and Facility B, the setup in Flourish Software should be two different Sales Reps, associated with two different 'Facilities'.

One sales rep profile looks like this:

  • Email:
  • Facility: Facility A

The other sales rep profile looks like that:

  • Email:
  • Facility: Facility B

Learn more on Creating Sales Reps.

The Facility is the default facility with which the sales rep is associated. For external orders generated in LeafLink that are credited to this sales rep, selecting a facility allows Flourish to automatically route the order to that Facility for fulfillment.

How does Match by Sales Rep work?

When the orders are routed based on sales reps, the table below describes how actions you take in Leaflink result in Flourish Software:

Action in Leaflink

Result in Flourish Software

Create an order (without setting s sales rep).

The order will not sync to Flourish

Set a sales rep for the order with

The order will sync to Flourish Facility A

Set a sales rep for the same order with

The order will 'move' from Facility A to Facility B

If you want orders from certain Leaflink customers to sync to a specific facility in Flourish Software, you can set a default Sales Representative for the Leaflink customer. Learn more here.

Item Setup Instructions

Ensure the SKU of the item in Flourish Software matches exactly the SKU of the product in Leaflink and LeafLink.

Update Item SKU in Flourish

This step is relevant for two cases (Click to expand)
1. Making sure that existing items can be appropriately synced to LeafLink.
2. Creating new items in Flourish Software and syncing to LeafLink.
  1. Go to Settings > Inventory.
  2. Find the item and click Edit.
  3. Update the SKU to match the one in LeafLink. To push the item to LeafLink, toggle the E-commerce Active rule on.
Alternatively, you can also update the SKU in LeafLink by following the instructions below.
  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Find and click the item you want to update the SKU for, then click Edit.
  3. Add the SKU for the parent item and click Save.

What's next?

Now that you are all set, let's proceed to Setting up and activating the Integration!

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