Manage Packages waste

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You export to excel, cancel or dispose of the packages waste in the Waste Log screen.

To do that:

  1. Go to Inventory
  2. Select Waste log from the dropdown to enter the Package Waste Screen:

Export to Excel

Export the log to excel by clicking

Cancel or dispose waste

  1. Locate the package you need and cancel the waste or dispose of it
  2. Form here, use the Action menu to Cancel or Dispose of the waste.

Cancel waste
  1. Click Action / Cancel waste
  2. Click Cancel waste record to confirm your action in the Cancel waste record modal
  3. No more actions are available after you canceled the waste.

Dispose of waste
  1. Click Action / Dispose waste, to display the Dispose of waste modal
  2. Fill in Actual Quantity of Waste Disposed (The value defaults to the Waste Qty).
  3. Set the Dispose Date.
  4. Fill in the Reason for Dispose (optional).
  5. Click to confirm.

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