Retail - Customer State ID, Medical ID data and expiration

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Create Customers in the retail module and designate them as Medical, following the instructions here.

Registry Information

Setting up a client as requires you to submit the Registry Information.

Once you submit the Registry Information, Flourish Software displays the State Registry Expiration in several places.

  • State Registry Valid display in black.
  • State Registry Expired is displayed in red.

State Registry Expiration display

Web App

The client profile

State Registry Valid

State Registry Expired

You can save a Medical Customer profile with an expired State Registry ID. When you do that, Flourish will alert you:


When you view the customer you will see the Registry Information.

In the Queue:

In the Purchase screen:

State ID

The State ID is a part of the Member Info:

You can search for a Customer by the State ID:

In the POS:

In the Web app:

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