Bulk Actions - Print Package Labels

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Flourish enables customers to configure layout and print Customer Labels, Harvest Package Labels, Package Labels, Plant Labels, Product Labels, and Serial Number Labels.

To print multiple Package Labels at once prior to selling or shipping product:

  1. Navigate to Inventory which will default to the All Packages view.
  2. Use the Bulk Actions dropdown menu at the top of the grid and select Print package labels:
  1. Next, check the boxes on the rows for the packages that you would like to print package labels for. Each package that is selected will appear in the side panel on the right of the screen.
  2. After selecting the packages, click the green Print Package Labels button in the side panel:
  1. Then you'll be prompted with a print popup to confirm the print settings and print your package labels:

That's it! Your package labels should print according to your settings.

Note that as all labels are configurable, Package Labels are configured at a facility level in Manage Settings > Facilities > Configure > Labels:

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