Automatically Lock Packages Based on Test Result Status

Auto-Lock Packages for In Progress or Failed Test Results

Enable this Company Setting within Flourish Software to automatically lock Active packages with final lab results that are Fail or In Progress status.

Once the setting is enabled, if you create a new lab test result and leave the status in In Progress or Failed status, the system will lock the packages on hand.

Flourish locks every active package associated with the lab result across any facility.

Flourish prompts to inform you of any packages allocated to the following:

  • A manufacturing run.
  • An outbound order.
  • A retail order.

Flourish does not lock allocated packages but informs you of them, so you can remove their allocation and lock them manually if needed.

When is this Triggered?

Flourish locks the associated packages when:

  1. The Configuration Setting is ON.
  2. The Lab Result is Final.
  3. When you click Save on a result with a status of Fail or In Progress.

What exceptions are there?

Flourish does not lock the associated packages, regardless of the Configuration Setting:

  1. When The Lab Result is Not Final.
  2. ​When the Lab Result is Final with a status of Pass.

What are the associated packages that are locked?

Any packages across the company that match the result on any of the following:

  • Source Package ID.
  • Sample Package ID.
  • Lot Number (If the result is recorded for a LOT Number).


Additional FYI

  • Currently, this process happens only when you manually click 'Save' on a lab result when you create it or update a lab result synced from METRC.
  • When a lab result fails in METRC, METRC puts the package on hold, and the reverse sync locks packages on hold.
  • Updating the lab result to 'Pass' will not remove the lock from the associated packages. Use Bulk Actions for this.

Configuration Setting

  1. Click Settings.
  2. On the Company Profile page, click Edit.
  3. Find the Configs.
  4. Toggle ON the "Auto-lock packages of in-progress or failed lab test results".
  5. Click
Log in and log out to see the setting updates take effect.

User Workflow Example

When you click 'Save' on a lab result, Flourish Software prompts you before you proceed

If no associated packages are allocated, you will see this screen below.

If some packages are allocated, you will see this screen below. You can proceed, but you will need to manually address the listed package ID(s).

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