POSaBIT Payment Method & Configurations

POSaBIT is a leader in compliant payment solutions for cannabis retailers. This supports PIN debit where available and point-of-banking (also known as cashless ATM) payment methods.

Enabling POSaBIT

  1. Click the gearbox in the top right to navigate to Manage Settings.
  2. Click Facilities, then the symbol for the desired facility under the Configure column.
  3. Click Payment Methods.
  4. Click the green Edit button and scroll down to the POSaBIT option.
  5. Click the symbol under POSaBIT to enable the Payment Method.
  6. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret obtained directly from your POSaBIT account.

Enable reconciliation against external system is enabled by default

  1. Click Save at the top of the page.
  2. You are done enabling POSaBIT as a Payment Method!

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