Inbound Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are the method in which inventory is received into Flourish through Inbound.

Note: METRC clients with inbound transfers can have a Purchase Order automatically created for each incoming transfer so that a cost can then be tied to the incoming packages. Please contact support to have this feature turned on.

Users can view this functionality through the Inbound Module and navigate to the Purchase Orders Submodule. A user has access to certain action-based functionality such as:

  • Cancel a purchase order
  • Close a purchase order
  • Edit a purchase order
  • Re-order
  • View a purchased order

When the user clicks on the Inbound tab they will automatically be taken to a view of all Purchase Orders that have ever been created. We have also added a search bar to easily search items by Purchase Order ID and Vendor Name. This view will show you the following details in summary for each PO:   

  • PO # 
  • PO Status 
  • Created – Open PO that needs to be edited or received 
  • Received Partial – Not all items on the PO have been received 
  • Receiving Complete – All items in the PO have been received 
  • Closed – Received Partial, but will not receive any more  
  • Cancelled -  
  • Vendor Name 
  • Date Last Updated 
  • Date Created 

In order to create a new Purchase Order, click on the "Create New Purchase Order" link in the top right hand corner.  The next screen will ask you to fill out the following information before you start adding any items to your purchase order: 

  • Date Expected – Select the date when you are expected to receive your items 
  • Shipping Method –  
  • Ref Field – Custom field for any notes or reference numbers from your vendor 
  • Vendor -  Select your vendor (These are added under Manage Settings > Distribution) 

After all those fields have been filled out, click on "Add New" to start adding items to your PO.  If the item doesn't exist already in your Item Master (Manage Settings > Inventory > All Items), you can now add the Strain and/or Item right from the Inbound Purchase Order screen. You will not see this feature unless you have the permissions set up in User Roles.

Note: For METRC customers on Incoming Transfers, goods will still come in as External Items if the item does not already exist in Flourish.

Note: The Item should have the correct Type / Class / Category configured and a "Cost" should also be applied if you have a standard cost for each item.  (You'll be able to apply a new cost during the PO process in case the price has changed for this particular order.)

Start typing in the field labeled "Item Name" and the Item should appear in the drop-down list.  If you Item is not showing, please check the Item Master list noted above.  If you are receiving a cannabis product and the Item is listed as strain-specific, you'll need to select the appropriate strain.  Enter the quantity based on the Unit of Measure set for this item.   If you are adding more than one item to a PO, click on "Add Item" to the right to keep adding multiple Items.  Once the list of Items has been created, click on "Save" to create the Purchase Order. When the PO is ready to be received or at least partial items are ready to be received, click on "Edit PO" in the top right-hand corner.

If you have a document or a PDF of the order that you would like to attach, select the Attachment link the top right-hand corner.  After you click on Edit PO, the list of items will appear below.  Click on "Receive" on the first item. (see above) When the Receive Inventory screen opens (below), the details for receiving of the PO will be available to edit.   Here is what is available to edit based on whether the Item is cannabis or non-cannabis: Non-Cannabis: 

  • Quantity Received 
  • Updated Cost

Filtering POs  

Flourish lists all POs in the Purchase Orders submodule. By default, POs appear in order of most recently updated. To view all POs, select Purchase Orders>All purchase orders. The columns above the list are filters that allow you to sort the list. 

You can customize the columns to be included in the list using specific column heading and rearrange the order of columns .   

From the Purchase Orders Grid you can rearrange the order of the columns by dragging the columns. You can change which columns are shown by turning them on or off using the radio buttons. Green indicates the column will appear in the list.  

The Columns are described below: 




This is the number assigned to a PO by the integrated Accounting Module.  

PO Status 

The current state of a PO. See table below for options. 

Vendor Name 

Specific Vendor Name as it appears on the PO. 


Date PO was created. 


Date PO was modified. 

Last Updated By 

Date last user updated PO. 

NOTE: PO Status must be set to Created for orders that are ready to be Received. Use Updated to sort the list by date, use the arrow to show the list in order of most recently created PO. 

PO Status 

The PO Status column allows you to filter which POs appear in the list. The Status that can be applied to POs are listed below: 

PO Status 



POs that have been created and are ready to be received.  

Receiving partial 

POs with inventory items that have been marked as Received and also have items that have not been Received. The PO is not complete. Use to continue receiving inventory from an existing PO. Items that are marked as Received can be UnlockedUnlocked items are available for sale. 

Receiving complete 

All items on PO have been marked as Received.  


POs that have been marked Closed. Items can no longer be Received on this PO. Use only when all items have been Received and Unlocked


POs that have been marked Canceled. Once a PO is Canceled, it can no longer be edited.  


Actions allow you to manage the progress of the PO from Created through CloseActions you can apply to the PO vary by the PO Status. For example, Actions available for POs with Closed status are Re-order, and View purchase order. The Actions column cannot be changed. All Actions available are: 



Cancel purchase order 

Only POs with a status of Created can be Canceled

Close purchase order 

Shows POs that are ClosedClosed POs cannot be received or edited in any way. You are no longer able to Receive items from this PO. 

Edit purchase order 

Opens a PO so that changes can be made or items received into inventory for your facility. 


Makes a copy of the PO so that it can be modified.  

View purchase order 

Opens the PO. Changes can be made unless the PO was Closed.  


Enables the user to open a PO that was Closed.  

Users need to create, complete and receive Purchase Orders in order to properly bring inventory into Flourish Software. 

The Flourish Inbound module is built to receive both cannabis and non-cannabis inventory. 

Completing the Inbound process will properly record transactions for purchasing and also show you records of inbound manifest transfers that have been received through state systems like METRC. 

The Inbound section consists of two major sections:  Purchase Orders and Transfers.

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