2024.05.07 Software Release 4.105.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.105.0


  1. METRC Inventory
    Retry the sync when you create a new package with an invalid METRC location.
  2. LeafLink Integration
    LeafLink inventory production batch number syncs to Flourish as the order line lot number.
  3. Retail
    Cancel a completed retail purchase.
  4. Reporting
    Enhancing the Company Wide Discounts Report.


METRC Inventory

Select an Area When Retrying Sync

If you create a package with an invalid METRC location, it will go out of sync. You can quickly resolve this and sync your package with a valid area selection. Learn more about My Package is out of sync—Location Invalid.

Using batch management in LeafLink, you can associate a production batch to LeafLink inventory and sell from specific batches while creating an order. LeafLink's production batch number is synced into Flourish as the order line lot number. Learn more here on LeafLink - Sell by Batch.


Cancel a Completed Retail Purchase.

Sometimes, you have completed a retail purchase and need to cancel it. 

You can do that with Flourish. Learn more here: Retail—Cancel a Completed Purchase.


Company Wide Discounts Report

Find it in Settings / Analytics / Retail - Company Wide Discounts Report.

We added columns and filters for the Applied Automatically and Approval Required attributes. This addition provides a comprehensive view of the discounts across all retail facilities, giving you more fine-grained control to filter and sort the data as needed.

We added columns and filters for the "Applied Automatically" and "Approval Required" attributes.

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