Understanding Label Configuration Settings




Label Type

Select the appropriate label type

  • Customer Label
  • Harvest Package
  • Package
  • Plant
  • Product Label
  • Serial Number

Printer DPI Setting

Printers dots per inch (DPI) setting. Consult with your printer manufacturer for ideal settings for your machine

Test Printer

optional: Use a test printer as an emulator to test out new label designs 

QZ Status / Network

Status of your QZ connection. You must have QZ Tray downloaded and configured to communicate with your label printer.  Note: You might have to download a previous version: 2.0.12.

Label (width) (height)

Consult product information from your label manufacturer 


Select the appropriate barcode type

  • Barcode
  • QR Code
  • None


Font size

From Left / From Top

x/y axis for placement of the barcode data

Test Label

Preview changes of label - this changes dynamically when your settings have been adjusted 

Content Settings

Select what information you want to show on labels. Use the number values to place data on specific areas of the label. Use the Content column to customize data fields.

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