2c. Setting Up Users for Mobile Access

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Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the Admin Settings area of the web application (find the Manage settings option in the Hi, User! dropdown)
    The remainder of this guide assumes that you already have at least one mobile application user role created for the desired facility. If you do not, find User Roles in the side navigation, then select the Mobile Application tab at the top and create a role for the facility.
  2. Select the Users section from the side navigation menu
  3. In the hamburger menu at the far right you will find an option to Create New User
  4. To update an existing user, you may either choose Edit user in the Actions dropdown for that user in the Company Users grid, or click their username and then click the Edit button when you arrive in the user detail screen.
  5. Whether creating a new user or updating an existing one, giving the user access to the mobile application is as simple as generating a PIN in the Personal Info section and assigning a Mobile role in the Facility Permissions section.
  6. To create a new user, you must provide:
    1. a username (not in email format – e.g. first initial/last name) – we will verify that the username is unique among mobile users for the selected facility
    2. the user's first and last names
    3. the role you'd like the user to have for each facility/application they need access to
    4. if the user needs access to the mobile application, make sure to click Generate New PIN
The generated PIN will be displayed only once, so please retain for the user being given mobile access to use. If the PIN is lost or forgotten, it can be reset at any time by returning to this user detail screen and generating another one.

When the new or existing user is submitted successfully, they should be able to log in via the mobile application immediately with their username and password. Once inside the app, they can choose their facility (if you have assigned mobile roles for more than one) and PIN in. Subsequent logins should only require their PIN unless they log out of the mobile application completely.

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