Creating Inventory using Bill of Materials

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There are two main ways to create inventory when manufacturing or processing: (1) through a Manufacturing Run, which is commonly used for extraction or machine-driven production, and (2) through a Bill of Materials which lets you create more repeatable processes for a finished good (e.g. a gummy, filled vape cart, or packaged item). To learn how to create a Bill of Materials, see Creating Bill of Materials.

  1. To create Inventory from Bill of Materials, go to Inventory Module.
  2. Click on Inventory dropdown menu at the top of the page. Then select Create Inventory From Bill of Materials.
  1. Select the Item to Create using the dropdown menu. You can also type in the item name.
  1. Select the name of the Bill of Materials used to create the item.
  2. Enter the Qty per package (the number of units you want to create).
    You can create multiple packages with different quantities in one session. When you create the packages;
    • Click the sign to add another line, where you can specify the "Number of packages" and the "Qty per package (ea)"
    • Click the sign to remove the line. Learn more here.
  3. Select your cannabis input package from the dropdown menu. In this example, we are using distillate to create a packaged vape cart of 500 units.
  1. Enter the Allocated Quantity of your cannabis package(s) and non-cannabis components. Verify the information is correct and click Review & Confirm.
Tip: METRC users will be prompted to choose a new UID tag number before clicking Review & Confirm.
  1. Enter in the date created and any other optional attributes. Select the Area and Location of your package, if required.
  2. Click Save and you have successfully created a new package using a Bill of Materials.

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