2023.02.07 Software Release 4.80.0

Updated by Jason Narney

Version 4.80.0


  1. Retail POS
    Flourish / Alpine IQ Integration (Phase 4): Retail receipts now include a QR code that links the customer to their Alpine IQ account.
  2. METRC
    1. Chrome Extension - Version 0.1.41 is now available for METRC Rhode Island clients.
    2. Chrome Extension - For Michigan and Rhode Island clients, the Chrome Extension now populates the "Wholesale Price" field on the Transfer form.
    3. Cultivation - "Retry sync" is available for clone batches that go out of sync due to an invalid origin plant tag.
  3. Inventory & Lab Tests
    1. A significant upgrade to Flourish's automated lab test syncing from Metrc. We extended our default lab test values to include additional cannabinoids and terpenes, and these new values are available in the label maker.
  4. Settings / Item Master
    1. Added new relationships to the "Vendor Info" for an item to designate the cultivator, manufacturer, and packager and facilitate printing this info on package labels.
    2. Added "Serving Size in Gram" to facilitate printing "mg of THC per serving" and other "per serving" attributes on labels.


Retail POS

Flourish's retail receipts now include a link at the bottom of the receipt for loyalty members to view their AlpineIQ account. If the customer is not a loyalty member, the link enables them to register for the loyalty program. Learn more here.


Chrome extension

The Chrome extension is now enabled for Rhode Island, and the new version populates the "Wholesale Price" field on the METRC Transfer form for Rhode Island and Missouri. Learn more here.


We've released an additional retry sync for your clone batches that are out of sync. Learn more here.


Some states, like Missouri, require additional lab results and label information. We've released several updates to support these labeling requirements.

You can see the fill the new data on the lab results screen.

Learn more here.

You can also print the data on your labels for the following types:

  • Package Labels
  • Harvest Package Labels

Learn more here.

Settings / Item Master

Update Vendor Info

You can designate different vendor relationships for an item and print this info on package labels.

Here is how you update Vendor Info. You can also print the data on your Package Labels. Learn more here.

On the label maker:

Serving Size in Grams

We added "Serving Size in Grams" to the item master to calculate lab test result concentrations by serving size.

You can find the lab test result concentrations by the serving size on the label maker for every default lab test (cannabinoids and terpenes).

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