Chrome Extension for METRC Transfers

Important notice for all METRC users:

As of September 2023, METRC deployed changes to their new transfer form which has limited the available data that is necessary for our extension to function properly. As a result, these changes created issues with using the Flourish Chrome Extension that may result in incomplete data being filled on your new transfer form in METRC.

If you use the Flourish Chrome Extension and your packages do not populate on the transfer form, then please use the Transfer Template instead to create your transfers in METRC. Click here to see how.

Thank you for your understanding.

Use the Flourish chrome extension to quickly create your transfers in METRC from your Shipments in Flourish Software.


The extension displays only Shipments in the status of "Manifest Printed" or "Orders assigned". Please ensure your Shipment's status is "Manifest printed", or "Orders assigned".

Use the extension

When your order and shipment are ready, create the corresponding "Transfer" in METRC.

Once the above setup is complete:

  1. Go to METRC.
  2. Go to Transfers.
  3. Click New Transfer.
  4. Click on the extension on the top right of your screen (see the video below).
If you cannot log in to the extension, please write to and ask us to enable the chrome extension for you!
  1. Choose the shipment and type.
  2. Click the Fill Transfer Form button, and the extension will copy your shipment data from Flourish into the appropriate fields on the METRC New Transfer form.
  3. Verify the information and click the Register Transfer button.

After transferring using METRC, go back to Flourish:

  1. Ship the Shipment in Flourish.
  2. Click Sync transfers in Flourish.
Make sure to "Ship" your Shipment in Flourish Software and register the corresponding "Transfer" in METRC.

Update the transfer

Once you register the transfer in METRC, if you need to make updates to the transfer, do it in METRC. METRC does not allow updates through integrators like Flourish.

Video Tutorial

Any Issues?

Please visit Troubleshooting Chrome Extension for METRC Transfers

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