Chrome Extension for METRC Transfers

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METRC Transfers - Using the Google Chrome Extension

The chrome extension is an easy way to quickly create your transfers in METRC from your Shipments in Flourish Software.

Before you use the extension, please note the following:

The extension displys only Shipments that are in the status of “Manifest Printed” or 'Shipped'. Please make sure the 'Status' of your Shipment is "Manifest printed", or 'Shipped'.

Now, that your order and shipment are ready you can go ahead and create the corresponding "Transfer" in METRC.

Once the above setup is complete:

  1. Go to METRC.
  2. Go to Transfers.
  3. Click "New Transfer".
  4. Click on the extension on the top right of your screen (see the video below)

Note: If you cannot log in to the extension, please write to and ask to enable the chrome extension for you

  1. Choose the shipment and type.
  2. Click "Fill Transfer Form" and your shipment data from Flourish will be copied into the appropriate fields on the METRC New Transfer form.
  3. Verify the information and click "Register Transfer".

After transferring using METRC, go back to Flourish:

  1. Ship the Shipment in Flourish (In case you did not ship it before)
  2. Sync transfers in Flourish
Make sure to "Ship" your Shipment in Flourish Software as well as registering the corresponding "Transfer" in METRC.

Tutorial: Chrome Extension for METRC Transfers

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