Create Outbound METRC Transfers

Outbound shipments are used to record movement of wholesale inventory out of a facility to another destination. These orders may be referred to as a Sales Order, Distribution Order, Transfer Order, etc. In METRC states, regulations require cannabis businesses run all cannabis license-to-license shipments through the METRC system. Outbound shipments are reflected as Outbound Transfers in METRC.

Note: California METRC enforces that a transfer can only go to one destination. California METRC does not support multi-stop transfers. This means that California Flourish users should create a shipment for each transfer destination. Other states allow multiple transfers to go on one shipping manifest.

Follow these steps to initiate shipments of inventory leaving your facility:

  1. Click Outbound from the left side navigation
  2. Click Shipment from the top ribbon
  3. Click Create A Shipment from the drop-down menu
  4. Select appropriate fields
    1. Driver Info:
    2. Vehicle Info:
    3. Distributors:
  5. Click Create Shipment green button
  6. Click green ‘+’ button to Assign Orders/Stop
  7. Select Sales Order number from the drop-down menu under “Order#’
Note: All available Sales Orders that have not been attached to a Shipping Manifest are available in this drop-down menu. The most recently placed order is at the top.
  1. Adjust ‘Time of Departure’ and ‘Est. Arrival Time’
  2. Continue to add orders/stops by clicking the green ‘+’ button
  3. Once finished, click Save Shipment
METRC Users: Do not yet click "Ship" on the Shipment within Flourish.

While you are able to print a Manifest that resembles a METRC shipping manifest from Flourish, the official shipping manifest must still come out of METRC. At this point, initiate a New Transfer in METRC in a separate browser tab. If you haven't already, download the Flourish Chrome Extension for Google Chrome browsers.

In your METRC environment (on a separate tab):

  1. Click "New Transfer"
  2. Open the Flourish Chrome Extension and log in
  3. Choose the shipment from the list in the Chrome Extension (this should auto-populate from Flourish)
  • Choose whether it is
  • Return
  • State Authorized
  • Transfer
  • Wholesale Manifest
  1. Click Fill Transfer Form and your shipment data from Flourish will be copied into the appropriate fields on the METRC New Transfer form
  2. Verify the information and click Register Transfer

In Flourish:

  1. Click "Ship" on the shipment after shipping the transfer

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