Before Setting Up WooCommerce Integration

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Before you set up and activate the integration between WooCommerce and Flourish Software, ensure that all the data and the data points are ready.

Follow the steps below to ensure things are running smoothly between the two platforms.

Flourish Wholesale Portal Setup

The information here focuses on the Flourish WooCommerce Integration Setup for Flourish Wholesale Portal.

Match the Data Points

Data points
  • Items in Flourish map to Products in WooCommerce by the SKU.
  • Customers in WooCommerce map to Destinations in Flourish by the License Number. Flourish allows Destinations to have the same name but different license numbers when syncing incoming Orders from WooCommerce.
  • Brands - By Name.
If items from WooCommerce already exist in Flourish, make sure the SKU matches between the two items. Mapping prevents Flourish from overwriting or creating duplicates.


Flourish is the point of truth for all item and inventory information. That means items and inventory created in Flourish sync to WooCommerce automatically. You can choose to sync item info, inventory levels, or both.

  • Items are created in Flourish first. WooCommerce will "listen" to Flourish's Item webhook for new items to list on the website.
  • The integration will use the SKU field (Flourish's unique identifier) for synchronization.

The following data elements for items flow from Flourish to WooCommerce, so ensure all are accurate in Flourish. To learn more about creating/updating items in Flourish, click here.

  • Item Name
  • SKU
  • Category
  • Price
  • Description
  • Brand
You have the option NOT to sync some of these attributes and directly manage them in WooCommerce. After syncing the initial item, you can directly manage Attributes like product images, tiered pricing, and custom fields in WooCommerce.


  • Customers in WooCommerce map to Destinations in Flourish
  • A New Destination will be created in Flourish if a customer in WooCommerce is not in Flourish Software when the order is synced.

WooCommerce Product Listing State

The listing states for products in WooCommerce are:

  • "Available"
  • "Archived" 
  • "Sample" 
  • "Backorder" 
  • "Internal" 
  • "Unavailable"

Item Setup Instructions

Ensure the WooCommerce product SKU matches the SKU of the item in Flourish Software exactly.

DO NOT update the SKU in Flourish if integrated with LeafLink or QuickBooks to maintain seamless functionality. Please update the SKU directly in WooCommerce.

Update the SKU in WooCommerce by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Find and click the item you want to update the SKU for, then click Edit.
  3. Add the SKU for the parent item and click Save.

Lastly, go back into Flourish Software and find the matching item to enable "E-commerce Active"

  1. Go to Settings > Inventory.
  2. Find the item and click Edit.
  3. Toggle ON the E-Commerce Active rule.

What's next?

Now that you are all set, let's proceed to Setting up and activating the Integration!

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