Closing a Till

When you're ready to take down a register, you need to make sure to close the till and count your cash. Closing a till performs an automatic pay-in to the vault or sub-vault of your choice.


Make sure that your user role has the Close Till permission enabled.

You can find this in Settings > User Roles > Retail > Tills > Close Till.

Closing a Till

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Retail > Tills > Manage Tills.
  2. Locate the till that you want to close.
  3. Click on the Opened button, then select Close Till from the dropdown.
  1. Enter the ending cash amount in the Ending Cash field.
    1. The Ending Cash amount is all the counted cash including the float. This is all of the cash you have in your cash drawer.
    2. The Ending Cash amount should be the same as the Expected Cash amount. Flourish calculates the expected cash amount as Starting Float + Cash Sales + Pay-ins - Cash Returns - Pay-outs.
  2. Enter your ending float in the Ending Float field below.
    1. The Ending Float is the amount of cash to keep in your till. This is the amount that your till should be opened with in order to make change.
    The Ending Float is a required field. If left blank, you will receive the following error:
    If the Ending Float is a different value than the Starting Float, you will see a validation verifying this is correct.
  3. If there is a variance in the ending cash and expected cash amounts, select a Variance Reason from the dropdown.
  4. In the dropdown, select the Vault or Sub-Vault that you would like to perform a pay-in to.
  5. Select your receipt printer in the Send Receipt To dropdown.
  6. When all of your values look correct, click the Close Till button to close your till.

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