Alpine IQ: Creating & Mapping Discounts

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When customers earn points for Flourish purchases or actions with Alpine IQ, those points can be redeemed for discounts linked with Alpine IQ. Those discounts often come in the form of a dollar or percent off a purchase and can target particular brands, products, product types, spending volume, etc. to accomplish desired goals. For example, you can use a discount to promote a new product or move aging inventory. In the POS, you can apply Alpine IQ-mapped discounts to a customer's order at checkout.

Discounts created in Flourish are mapped to discounts created in Alpine IQ. The Flourish discount engine controls applying the discount. The mapped Alpine IQ discount controls the point redemption. The Flourish discount configuration must match and be appropriately mapped to a Alpine IQ Reward configuration for rewards to be redeemed as intended.

The process

  1. Create a retail discount Flourish Software.
  2. Create the same retail discount in Alpine IQ. This discount sets the point reduction amount.
  3. In Alpine IQ, use the Flourish retail discount ID to 'map' the discounts between both platforms.

Creating the discounts

Flourish Discounts

Please see Retail Discounts Overview for a detailed review of Flourish Discounts.

  1. Follow the steps to create a retail discount in Flourish Software.
  2. Guidance:
    1. Best practice is to name the discount the same name as the discount configured in AlpineIQ. This will allow you to easily find it and manage mapping the two systems.
    2. “Applied Automatically” should always be off. This will enable the customer to decide if they want to redeem the available discount.
    3. Set "Max redemptions per purchase" to 1 ONLY if you want the discount to apply once per purchase.
    4. You will likely want to enable "Stackable" to allow users to redeem points as well as utilize other discounts.
    5. "Promo Code" should always be off
    6. "Approval" should always be off
    7. "Reason Required" should always be off
    8. Toggle “Loyalty Only” on to ensure this discount can only be used with the AlpineIQ Loyalty reward redemption workflow.
    9. The "Discount ID" connects the two discounts. Later in the process, you copy the "Discount ID" from Flourish and paste it into Alpine IQ to connect the discounts.

For this example, we created a discount of "$10 off order for orders over $100 (AIQ)". Please note the following:

  • The name has "(AIQ)" in the end. We highly recommend doing that to make it easy to find the loyalty discounts.
  • Discount ID (963) and “Applied Automatically” is off.
"Loyalty Only" Configuration
Why use the "Loyalty Only" toggle? It is best practice to avoid letting employees manually apply this type of discount outside of a loyalty redemption to avoid confusion and support accurate reporting. If this is not toggled ON, then an employee may manually apply the discount without realizing it does not reduce the customer’s points.

  • If a discount is “Loyalty Only,” the POS will never display it on the “Manage Order Discounts” modal.
  • The POS will only display it on the “Loyalty/Discounts” tab only if it is eligible to redeem for the loyalty members.

In the POS, the "Loyalty Only" discounts will appear in the lower-left corner of the cart, but they do not appear in the "Manage Order Discounts" when clicking "Order Discounts" in the order total summary fields on the lower right corner of the cart.

Alpine IQ Discounts

Below are the minimum requirements to configure a discount in Alpine IQ mapped to Flourish.
  1. In Alpine IQ, navigate to Dashboard > Discounts.
  2. Select "Create Discount"
  3. Under Discount Settings, click ">Discount" to expand and fill in the fields below:

    "Internal Discount Name:"

    • Best practice is to copy the Discount Name from Flourish and use it here within Alpine IQ. This will allow you to easily know which discount is mapped to Flourish

    "What are you discounting?:"

    • This field populates the REWARDS name shown in the Loyalty Tab of the Flourish POS Cart. The best practice is to make this similar to the Internal Discount Name. This will allow you to easily understand what is shown in the cart. If this is named similar to a different discount, it may be confusing to those using the POS or administering the discounts.

    "Discount short description:"

    • This field populates the DESCRIPTION shown in the Loyalty Tab of the Flourish POS Cart. This is useful for the employee checking out the customer to understand the discount.

    Here is how the REWARDS name and the DESCRIPTION display in Flourish POS Cart:

  1. Click "> Redemption options" to expand and fill in the fields below:

    "Loyalty points are required for this discount to be redeemed".

    "Dollars to discount off cart at when redeemed".

    • This can be useful for reference, but it doesn’t impact anything. The discount configured in Flourish controls the amount off.

    "ID of matching discount in your POS system"

    • Copy the Discount ID from the Flourish Discount and paste it here.

The "Dollars to discount off cart" is only used for reference in Alpine IQ, the value configured in Flourish Discount is the value that controls the discount amount in the POS.
  1. When all settings are configured, click "Publish discount"

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