2020.04.06 - Software Release 4.9.0

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April 06, 2020




  1. METRC Retail Deliveries
  2. Internal/External Order notes


  1. METRC Deliveries

  • We added the ability for retail delivery routes to be sent to METRC. The route and all details are sent to METRC when the user marks the route as 'Out for Delivery'.

  • Added 'Estimated Arrival Time' for stops on a Retail Delivery Route.

For compliance reasons we added the ability to add an estimated time of arrival to each stop on a Retail Delivery Route. Users can enter the estimated time they believe the driver will arrive at the delivery. This time will be sent to METRC.

  • Added a 'Status' column for Retail Deliveries

This is an easy way for users to know the status of the retail delivery route. Users can quickly glance at the status column to see what routes have been created and what routes are Out for Delivery.

  • Added a 'Planned Route' text box for Retail Deliveries

We added a plain text box for users to type in the route description. This field is used to send the planned route to METRC. Not a required field for all states.

  • Added a Status Column for METRC Retail purchases.

On the All Purchases Grid and in the detail view of Retail Delivery. This way users can easily see if the order has been successfully sync'd to METRC.

  1. Internal/External Order Notes

  • We added the ability for users to mark order notes as either internal or external. Marking a note as internal prevents the note from appearing on the Packing List. This allows users to use the notes for internal purposes and also external purposes for their clients. Setting the toggle to green marks the note as internal.

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