2023.03.07 Software Release 4.82.0

Version 4.82.0


  1. Alpine IQ
    Added a new page: Integration Preferences.
  2. METRC
    1. Cultivation
      Added Waste Weight and Waste Method fields when adjusting plant batches for METRC-CA.
    2. Inventory
      Non-METRC-CA states cannot create lab sample packages in Flourish. 
  3. Admin
    1. Filter by Brand on the Item Master table.
    2. Increased the Strain description to 1000 characters.
  4. LeafLink
    Allow Destinations with the same name but different license numbers to sync for incoming orders.
  5. Analytics
    The Company level version of the Sales - Item Sales by Customer Details report.


Alpine IQ

Integration Preferences - We listened to your feedback. We added the Integration Preferences to the setup part, so you can customize the behavior of several aspects of the integration and the POS to match your processes and workflows. You can learn more here.


METRC Cultivation

METRC-CA now requires Waste Weight and Waste Method when killing immature plants depending on the Reason selected. We added these fields when adjusting immature plant batches so the adjustment will sync to METRC. Learn more here.

METRC Inventory

For our METRC-integrated clients outside of California, Flourish has removed the ability to create lab sample packages. We did this because METRC's API does not support the ability to create lab samples in those states.

When you create packages in Flourish, you will not see the toggle .

Step to create a lab sample:

  1. You must create lab samples directly in METRC.
  2. In Flourish, reverse-sync the packages by clicking the on the Inventory/All Packages screen.


Brand Filter

You can now filter Items by Brand on the item master table.

  1. Click to go to Settings.
  2. Select Inventory and locate the Brand filter.

Strain Description

We increased the Strain Description to 1000 characters to support our integration partners.

You'll be able to learn more about Creating New Strains.

Flourish now allows Destinations to have the same name but different license numbers when syncing incoming Orders from LeafLink.


We took the Sales - Item Sales by Customer Details report and made a global version.

Please find it under Admin > Analytics > Sales - Item Sales by Customer Details.

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