Set a default Sales Representative for a customer in Leaflink

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When you Match on Sales Rep, orders sync into Flourish Software according to the sales rep you set on the Leaflink order and the corresponding sales rep in Flourish.

If you want orders from certain Leaflink customers to sync to a specific facility in Flourish Software, you can set a default Sales Representative for the Leaflink customer.


  • Your Leaflink integration is set up to Match on Sales Rep.
  • You have a customer in Leaflink, and you know that every Leaflink order from this customer goes into your Manufacturing facility.

Set up Leaflink and Flourish Software so that every sales order for this client you create in Leaflink sync to your fl Flourish Manufacturing facility:

  1. In Flourish Software: Set the Manufacturing facility as the default facility for the sales rep. Learn more about Managing Sales Reps.
  2. In Leaflink: set a default Sales Representative for the customer.
  3. Ensure the sales rep's email in Flourish Software matches the email of the Sales Representative in Leaflink.

  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Locate the customer ad and click on the name.
  3. Click "Edit Customer".
  4. Find the "Customer Management" part of the Customer profile.
  5. Select the Sales Representative from the dropdown.
  6. Click "Save Changes".

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