Mobile Inventory Counts: Enter the Number of Packages per Item

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Learn more about our 3 inventory count types using the Flourish mobile app >

Count type 3: Enter the Number of Packages per Item

  • In this workflow:
    • This is a quick way to do a hand count to see if the number of packages of an item is accurate.
    • Users select an item, manually hand counts all of the packages, and enters the total number of packages for the item
    • If there are any discrepancies, no inventory is updated (since no specific package ID have been scanned or entered). This count simply informs the user that they have too many or too few packages of an item. And they will need to perform a follow-up count using count type 2 (scan actual packages) for that item to know which package IDs have discrepancies 
    • Scanning is performed with the mobile app
    • Submitting, reviewing, completing, and canceling the count is performed on the web app
    • Used typically in a large distribution warehouse or facility

User permission needed: 

  • Settings > User Roles > Select Role > Mobile Application > Inventory > Enable Inventory Settings

Actions to perform via the Flourish Android Mobile App:

  1. From the Android mobile app homescreen, navigate to the Inventory Counts module:

  1. Tap the 'Enter Number of Packages per Item' button to start the new count using this count type.
    1. Only one inventory count can be performed at a time.
      1. If there is a count currently in process, a message will ask if you would like to cancel the current count.
      2. If a user wants to join the existing count, they will tap the title of the count in progress above the three green btns
  2. After starting the new inventory count via the Android mobile app...

  1. ...scan the first package, which will automatically select the item you'd like to enter the number of packages for in the facility. Enter the total number of packages of that item in the facility that you have hand-counted:

  1. Tap the Back to Items button. Repeat step 4 for all other items that you wish to include in this count:

  1. After entering the total number of packages for each of the items you wish to include in this count, tap the 'Exit Count' green button.
    1. At any time, the items and number of packages entered are visible when viewing the count on the web app (just refresh to see the latest from the count-in-progress).

If you would like to perform the above mobile actions directly on web:

  1. From the All Inventory Counts screen, click the New Inventory Count button, and a modal will appear asking which inventory count you would like to choose. Click the Enter Number of Packages per Item green button:

  1. ...and the count is started. Click the Add Item button to select your first item. A row will appear with a selector for the item and an input to enter the number of packages for that item:
  2. Repeat step 2 until you have added all of the items you wish for this count prior to submitting for Manager review:

All actions to submit, review, complete, and cancel inventory counts are performed via the Flourish Web App:

  1. The user ensures that all of the items and number of packages for each that they want to include in this count are on the list prior to submitting the count for review by clicking the Submit for Review button:
  2. User has submitted the count for Manager review. Manager can filter through the Items using 'All - Counted - Discrepancies' here. Selecting Discrepancies will display all of the Items with discrepancies:
  3. For each item row, user can update the number of packages per their investigation, then they will select a discrepancy reason and can enter an optional note.
    1. If a discrepancy can not be understood through the investigation, user will select a Reason of 'Can't determine discrepancy, will perform Scan Packages per Item' (will need to be set up as a Package Adjustment Reason in Settings) and the user will complete this count, and then start a new count using the inventory count type Scan Packages per Item which will allow the user to scan all of the packages for the Item(s) in question, which will help determine the exact missing package ID(s) to investigate the reason(s) of the discrepancies.
  4. After repeating these steps and entering quantities for all discrepancy packages for each item, complete the inventory count by clicking the Complete button.
  5. The inventory count has now been completed!

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