2022.05.03 Software Release 4.60.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.60.0


  1. METRC
    1. New facility configuration to auto-assign tags to items synced into Flourish from METRC.
    2. Support for new data fields for items in Ohio.
  2. Analytics
    1. New report to see inventory sell-through: Inventory - Received Inventory Sell-Through.
    2. New Cultivation reports; Plant Kill Log and Plant Waste Log.
  3. Manufacturing
    A new layout and functionality for a manufacturing run.
  4. Mobile App
    Use the scanner to record weights for plants.
  5. Performance improvements
    We improved the efficiency and speed of several item screens
  6. Leaflink integration
    Flourish Software is the source of touch for order payment terms.



Auto-assign tags

Multi-state or multi-facility operators use Item Tagging Functionality and Facility Tag Settings to keep items separate between facilities.

This updated configuration auto-tags items created directly within a METRC facility with the designated tags when the item is synced to Flourish, which can help restrict visibility for those items within the corresponding facility in Flourish. Read more here.

METRC Ohio: Supporting new fields

The reverse sync supports new fields for items:

  • METRC Administration Method.
  • METRC Supply Duration Days.



Inventory - Received Inventory Sell-Through (Analytics > Reports > Inventory > Received Inventory Sell-Through).

This report shows a comprehensive list of all incoming METRC transfers and the packages that came in and later shipped out.

This report is to capture sold packages back to the original package they were transferred in on. Use this report to track packages after they are received and retagged.


We added a couple of reports that are very useful for audits and general information:

Plant Kill Log (Analytics > Reports > Cultivation > Plant Kill Log) - Displays the plant, who destroyed it, and why.

Plant Waste Log (Analytics > Reports > Cultivation > Plant Waste Log) - Displays the cultivation waste records.

Performance improvement - Item Master screen

We are happy to provide you with a better experience managing your item master. You will experience faster save times when updating E-commerce and Compliance data for your items.

Mobile app

Use the scanner to record weights for plants on your mobile app. Learn more here.


We are excited to launch the first iteration in a set of new designs and functionality for the manufacturing module within Flourish Software.

This update includes:

  • A new layout for the screen.
  • New reference fields and attributes at the header level.
  • Ability to name manufacturing runs (coming soon: search/filter by the names of the runs.)
  • And much more is coming!

For payment terms that are supported in Leaflink (Learn more here.)

  • When you set the payment term for an outbound order (linked to a Leaflink order) in Flourish and save, Flourish updates the Leaflink order with the payment term.
  • When you set the payment term for an outbound order (linked to a Flourish order) in Leaflink and save, Leaflink updates the Flourish order with the payment term.

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