Manicure Harvest

Harvest Manicure is for cultivators who are taking the tops or a portion of a plant down for harvest at a time. This can be done for numerous reasons. Outdoor plants are larger and typically the different bud locations on the larger plants product different quality product.

All plants (and tag numbers) in the manicure harvest have to have weights for the manicure harvest to sync.

You can isolate which product is which by using the manicure harvest feature. Here are the steps:

  1. You will select the plant group in Flowering you would like to harvest from. Under the action box on the right, select "Manicure Group".
  2. You will then give the manicure a name and move it to the drying tab.
  3. The manicured group will show up under the drying tab with a "(m)" at the end of the name you gave the group at the previous screen.Here, you will enter the weight of the harvested plants.
  4. Once the weight is entered, select the "Action" item at the top right, and then select "Create Harvest Package" .
For Metrc Clients you would then need to assign this newly created package a Metrc tag number. (See how to upload Metrc Tags for further assistance.)

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