2022.04.05 Software Release 4.58.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.58.0


  1. Point Of Sale
    Collect debit card payments from your customers at your point of sale using Hypur Debit in manual mode.
  2. QuickBooks Online
    Exclude facilities from QBO syncing.
  3. Leaflink Integration
    Order discounts and charges sync between both platforms.
  4. Mobile
    1. Show only the areas you want in an inventory count.
    2. Non-Cannabis inventory allocation.


Point Of Sale

We teamed up with Hypur to enable you to charge debit cards at your point of sale! Read more here.

QuickBooks Online

You gave us fantastic feedback, and we listened. You may have some facilities that you want to sync to QuickBooks Online and some you don't. When you set the Auto-sync to QuickBooks Online, you can exclude facilities from QBO syncing.

You can edit an outbound order discounts and charges in Flourish, and the changes sync to Leaflink. You can also edit the discounts and charges in Leaflink, and the edits sync to Flourish.


Inventory count

Set your Inventory Count to show you only the areas you want to include in the count.

When selecting  "Enter Number of Packages per item", you can choose the Areas to include in this Inventory Count. Learn more here: Mobile Inventory Count - Enter the Number of Packages per Item.

Non - Cannabis inventory allocation.

Allocate non-cannabis inventory to your outbound orders via the mobile app. Learn more on how to allocate non-cannabis inventory.

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