Un-map Out of Sync Items

Many of our METRC clients have multiple facility licenses under one company in Flourish. If you sync an item to METRC for a license by mistake and the item goes out of sync, you will now be able to remove the out-of-sync item mapping to set the item in sync again as long as there is at least ONE other in-sync item mapping.

For example:

  1. You have licenses for two facilities, one for Cultivation and one for Manufacturing.
  2. You create an item of a category that is only valid for the Cultivation license but accidentally sync it to the Manufacturing license.
  3. Your item shows as Out of Sync in the All Items screen, and you can't create packages using this item.
  4. The following article will walk you through how to remove the mapping to the out-of-sync facility to set the item as in sync again.

Un-map an Out of Sync Item

  1. Navigate to Manage Settings.
  2. Click Inventory to navigate to the All Items screen.
  3. Find the out of sync item and click on the Item Name hyperlink.
  4. Click State Eligibility.
  5. Click the green pencil under the SYNCED? column.
  6. Click the large X under Out of Sync Sync Now!
  7. Confirm removing the item mapping by clicking Yes.
  8. The item mapping record has been successfully removed, and the item is now in sync!

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