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Flourish enterprise-grade retail Point-of-sale integrates with Alpine IQ, an industry-leading loyalty and marketing platform. This integration is being released in phases. You can learn more about the phases here.

Integration Setup

To enable the Flourish and Alpine IQ integration, you must have active accounts with both platforms. Several settings need to be enabled and configured in Flourish and Alpine IQ that users with Administrative Privileges need to perform to configure the integration.

It is strongly recommended your IT and Marketing teams use this Integration Setup as a guide to plan before implementation. Please read through this document in its entirety before starting implementation. If necessary, review Alpine IQ settings with their support team on what is best for your organization. It is further recommended that your IT Support, Retail, and Marketing teams are trained on new UI and workflows before integration setup.

To respect POS Systems integration bandwidth, Alpine IQ API integrations can take up to 4-hours for an initial API Integration to begin to start working.

Integration User

Create a user in Flourish for this purpose only. This will ensure that the Integration is active regardless of personnel changes that occur occasionally in every company.


The Basics
  • Alpine IQ uses the Flourish Software API key to pull customer and order info at intervals to add points and rewards to customers' loyalty accounts.
  • Flourish uses the Alpine IQ key to fetch loyalty member information and rewards/points, create new loyalty members, redeem rewards, and more.
The Steps

There are three parts to the setup, and setting up in the following order enables both platforms to communicate:

  1. Alpine IQ Integration Settings for Flourish.
  2. Flourish Integration Settings for Alpine IQ.
  3. Master Verification PIN .

Setup process

The best way to set up the integration is to work with two tabs open simultaneously—one tab in Flourish Software and the other tab in Alpine IQ. You will copy and paste the data from one tab into the other.

Alpine IQ Integration Settings for Flourish

These settings allow Flourish to read/write customers and loyalty rewards from Alpine IQ.

In Flourish Software

  1. Navigate to: Settings/Integrations.
  2. In the Alpine IQ card:

    For new integrations, select "Configure".

    For existing integrations, click the Pencil icon next to Active.

  3. In the Alpine IQ Integrations page, ensure you are on the Settings tab:
    1. Copy the Alpine IQ UID and the Alpine IQ Key from Alpine IQ - see step 4 below.
    2. Paste those values into the corresponding fields in Flourish - see step 4 below.
    3. Click Connect - see step 5 below.
  4. Copy the Alpine IQ UID and the Alpine IQ Key from Alpine IQ and paste into Flourish:

    In Alpine IQ, log in to your Alpine IQ Dashboard at:
    1. Go to Settings / Advanced.
    2. Select API & Tracking.
    3. UID: Under the REST API section, is the UID shown in BOLD. Highlight and copy the UID.
    4. Go to the open Flourish tab and paste into Alpine IQ UID in Flourish.
    5. Go back to the Alpine IQ tab.
    6. Key: Click the Generate button below the Your Key field.
    7. Use the Click to copy button to copy the Key.
    8. Go to the open Flourish tab and paste into Alpine IQ Key in Flourish.
  5. When both the Alpine IQ UID and Alpine IQ Key are pasted in Flourish, click Connect to establish the connection. If there are any issues with the connection, please contact Alpine IQ Support for assistance with this section.
  6. After a successful connection:
    The  Connect Box will change to Disconnect. Clicking Disconnect will deactivate the Alpine IQ integration on Flourish's end.
    Once connected, a new section of the page will appear (as shown below): Flourish Integration Settings for Alpine IQ. You will set this up next.
Flourish Integration Settings for Alpine IQ

These settings allow Alpine IQ to read Customer and Sales data from Flourish.

In Flourish Software

On the Flourish Integration Settings for Alpine IQ

  1. Click Generate to create a:
    1. Flourish API Username.
    2. Flourish API Key.
  2. Use the buttons
    to copy the values and paste into Alpine IQ.

The API Key value will only be shown once.

specifically for the Alpine IQ integration.

Once you generate the key, the Flourish API Key will be hidden, with a note below it noting the date/time when the current key was generated and the name of the user who generated it.
Generating a new API key will invalidate the current one, if any. If the existing key is invalidated, you will need to complete the In Alpine IQ process below to restore functionality to the integration.

In Alpine IQ

  1. In Alpine IQ, go to Settings/Data Integration.
  2. Locate the Flourish Configuration box.
  3. Select Connect to open the settings.
  4. Locate Credentials.
  5. Paste the Flourish data into the fields:
  6. Confirm with your Alpine IQ representative for the remainder of the settings.
  7. Click Connect to complete connecting Flourish to Alpine IQ.

If there are any issues in connecting Flourish to Alpine IQ, please contact Flourish Support for assistance with this section.

Integration Preferences

Customize the behavior of several aspects of the integration and the POS to match your processes and workflows.

Required Loyalty & Marketing Communications

Set the attributes required for customer enrollment in the loyalty program.

The fields you set in this part are mandatory when the team member enrolls the client in the loyalty program.

Default Point of Sale Cart Tab

Configure the default POS cart tab for loyalty members and non-members. With this preference, you set what tab the retail team sees when they go to the shopping cart. 

  • Loyalty
  • Product Search

Custom Alpine IQ Loyalty Signup URL

The URL in this field sets the QR code on the Customer receipts that redirects to the Alpine IQ member signup.

Some companies have a custom URL for the Alpine IQ member signup. The Alpine IQ member signup URL will default to your organization's Alpine IQ member signup URL if left blank.

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