How to Apply Additives to Plants

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Apply Additives to Plants

When trying to create a consistent result or keep track of your work and make sure your plants dont miss a watering, utilize the "Apply to Plants" Feature. You can do this one of two ways.

What items can I apply?

To make an item eligible to apply, toggle on the Plant Additive attribute in the item master configuration.

How do I apply Additeves?

  1. From the action menu for groups, you will notice the new + Apply to Plants option. You can apply to either the entire group or just one strain in the group. You can apply one or multiple items at a time.

When applying the inventory, make sure to click the checkmark on the item after entering the quantity to apply.
  1. You can also do this from the drop-down in each stage. Applying additives here will apply an item to an area.

After selecting this option, Flourish will ask you if you want to apply this additive to a specific area within that phase of the plant lifecycle.

Where can I see the additives I applied?

  1. Go to the Analytics module on the left side of your screen
  2. Under reports select Cultivation
  3. Locate the Applied Inventory to Plants and click View Report

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