Florida Retail - Automatic Dispensation to MMUR on Delivery Orders

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With this feature, upon marking a delivery order as “Out for Delivery,” Flourish will automatically complete a placeholder dispensation in the customer’s MMUR profile – similar to how we currently assign milligrams to a driver when packing delivery orders.

After completing a delivery transaction, Flourish will finalize and record the dispensation in the customer’s MMUR profile.

To remove the placeholder dispensation, you must log into the MMUR and remove it manually. You will need to do this when editing or canceling a delivery order.

With this workflow, customers must have an active recommendation and the appropriate routes/milligrams/ounces to process their order on the day the order is delivered, NOT the day the order is placed.


In Flourish

The user must have have the Admin access to set this permission.

Verify the setting "Enable delivery dispensation holds" is ON.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. Select the Facility.
  4. Locate "Compliance (view only)".
  5. Locate "MMUR (FL)".
  6. Verify the setting "Enable delivery dispensation holds" is ON.
  7. Click Update.


Users who complete delivery dispensations MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Flourish email addresses and MMUR email addresses must match.
  2. Status of “Deliverer” in the MMUR. 

The Process:

  1. Add orders to your delivery route in Flourish.
  2. Click Out for Delivery.
  3. Flourish prompts you to add Delivery to a Till to complete the delivery transactions.
  4. Flourish performs a validation check with MMUR and notifies Success or Failure/Error. Acknowledge success/failure.
  5. Successful validation places a HOLD in MMUR for the orders and marks them as "Out for Delivery". The "Validate" button is removed on orders marked "Out for Delivery" once Hold is placed to avoid complications.
  6. Failure to validate can happen because:
    1. Since the order was packed, the customer no longer has the required route/milligrams/ounces.
    2. The user validating the order does not have “Deliverer” status in the MMUR, or their Flourish log-in email does not match their MMUR email. Please verify that the user has permission to dispense in MMUR and has the same email address in MMUR as their Flourish account.
      Right-clicking on the Purchase ID of a specific order will allow for troubleshooting issues with that specific order.
      Example Error message:

      When a user who does not have

      MMUR permissions for validations

      tries to mark a delivery Out for Delivery.

  7. When completing each transaction in the POS, Flourish will automatically record the held dispensation in the MMUR and display the following message:

Example Error message:

When a user who does not have

a Deliverer role in the MMUR system

tries to complete a delivery order

with the automatic dispensation.

Editing "Out for Delivery" Orders 

  1. Select Mark as Undeliverable in Flourish - this sends the order back to a Packed status. 
  2. In MMUR, manually remove the placeholder dispensation.
  3. Complete any necessary changes to the order. 
  4. Re-validate the order in Flourish. 
  5. Add it back into the delivery route. 

Canceling "Out for Delivery" Order 

  1. Select Cancel Purchase in Flourish. 
  2. In MMUR, manually remove the placeholder dispensation.

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