METRC CA - Reducing Immature Plant Batches - additional details

For instructions on METRC - Killing mature plants - additional details.

Where is the update?

The following updates are for our California clients using METRC. We updated our interface to accommodate this change.

What is the update?

METRC-CA now requires a waste method, reason, and weight when reducing immature plant batches.

The workflow to reduce immature plant batches remains the same, and the update is the ability to submit the details is on the last screen before confirming the plants to reduce.

How do I reduce immature plant batches?

From the "Cloning plant batches" screen

  1. Go To Grow.
  2. Select Clone > Cloning plant batches.
  3. In the Plant Batches in Cloning screen, select one or more groups to update counts.
  4. Click Actions > Update counts.
  5. The new Reduce plants per batch screen:

From a group in Cloning

  1. Go To Grow.
  2. Select Cloning > Cloning Groups.
  3. Select a Group.
  4. Click the green pencil icon next to Active plants.
  5. Enter the number of Active plants.
  6. Select your Reason and fill out the required the Waste Weight & Waste Method fields.
  7. Click the green floppy disc icon to save.
  8. The Confirm Active plant count screen looks like this:

From the Inventory screen - By uploading a CSV file

  1. Go to your Inventory module—select Inventory from the left side menu.
  2. Select Plants from your top ribbon.
  3. Click All plants.
  4. Click Action.
  5. Click Bulk destroy.
  6. The Bulk Destroy screen:

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