Inventory: Upload PDF To Record Lab Test Results

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Flourish extracts the available potency and terpene data when you upload a PDF of your lab's Certificate of Analysis (COA). Then, it assigns this to your lab test result elements accordingly.

You must create the lab result record first since you may only upload PDFs to an existing lab test result. Click here to view how to create a lab test result.

There are more ways to record lab test results; learn more here.

Extract Lab Test Data from the COA PDF

  1. Go to your existing lab test result in Inventory > Lab Test Results
  2. Click "View" next to the desired Lab Test Result.
  3. Click "Edit."
  4. Click on "Upload lab test result PDF."
    Click on "Upload lab test result PDF."
  5. Select the PDF file from your computer and then click "Upload."
  6. Next, a popup window will prompt you to confirm the data that was extracted from the PDF. During this step, you may uncheck any lab result data that you do not want imported.
    Extract COA data from the PDF
  7. After clicking "Yes," the extraction tool will automatically populate the values into the Lab Test Results.
  8. Assign the "Pass" or "Fail" status to the "TEST PASSED" field.
    Assign the "Pass" or "Fail" status to the "TEST PASSED" field.
  9. Once done, click "Save" at the top of the lab test result page, and that is it!

Troubleshooting and Errors

When attempting to extract data from the PDF
System message in the event of an unrecognized COA format

You must manually enter your lab result data if you get the error message above when uploading the COA PDF.

This error message is because the format of the lab's COA is unfamiliar to the extraction tool. However, our team will know of and resolve this issue ASAP, so you can use this feature moving forward.

If you cannot use a PDF to upload test results, email us and attach the PDF. We will notify you when you can start using this file.
When attempting to save the lab test result

Critical error experienced when the system cannot save the changes made to the lab test result

If you encounter this error message stating that there was an error updating the lab test result, then please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.

Click here to see how to contact Support.

In the Support ticket, please provide us with:

  • The name of your facility.
  • The Flourish Lab Test ID.
  • The COA PDF you are attempting to upload.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

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