2022.10.18 Software Release 4.72.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.72.0


  1. Retail
    Display Order ID on the POS queues.
  2. Non-Inventory Items
    Use non-inventory items such as labor, overhead charges, and consumables that aren't tracked as on hand inventory to bills of materials and manufacturing runs to better track cost of goods sold.
  3. METRC
    Cultivation: Display origin plants ID for harvested plants.
  4. Inbound / Outbound
    Edit or delete order notes.



See the Order ID (aka the Purchase ID) on the POS for customers in the queue. After you check in the customer and create the order, Flourish displays the order ID for all purchase types.

Non-Inventory items

Use non-inventory items to better capture your cost of goods sold. Learn more here.


You asked us to add the origin plants' IDs to the displays for harvested plants. Now you can see it on the following screens:

  • Plants in Drying
  • Plants in Processing 

Inbound / Outbound

Learn more here about how to add, edit or delete order notes.

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