2024.03.26 Software Release 4.103.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.103.0


  1. Manufacturing
    Updated logic to allocate the cost and quantity of the input packages proportional to the output packages based on the ratio of quantities. This is applicable when you have multiple outputs on a manufacturing run.
  2. METRC
    1. Supporting integration to METRC New Jersey.
    2. Enhanced Out Of Sync Resolution.
  3. Item Master
    Adding the "Sell by Lot" attribute to the Item Master.
  4. External API
    External API Enhancements - Adding new data points.
  5. Reporting
    New report on lab test results.



On a manufacturing run with multiple outputs, you'll now see that the inputs are proportionally allocated to the output quantity. Check out this example.

This change will help better audit and track the runs, including how data is sent to BioTrack and METRC, and support the cost calculation for the output packages.

Learn more about the Distribution of the Input Quantities.


Supporting METRC New Jersey

We are now officially live with our New Jersey METRC integration.

Enhanced Out Of Sync Resolution

Flourish empowers you to resolve Out-of-sync packages due to invalid Areas (MERTRC Location). Now, we have added the ability to retry the sync of an out-of-sync package after selecting a different Area. Learn more here.

Item Master

"Sell by Lot" on the Item Master

We are adding the "Sell by Lot" attribute to the Item Master so you can designate when you want to sell it by Lot. The "Sell by Lot" attribute is essential to supporting lot-level inventory listing and ordering as we progress towards that goal with our third-party partners like Leaflink and our Flourish Wholesale Portal.

External API

External API - new data points

We constantly expand the connectivity and empower users to get more financial and Item data points.

We are adding more data to get from the Flourish External API.

Adding to the GetItem and GetItems calls:

  • Mapping (Finance Accounts).
  • “Sell By LOT”.

Adding new endpoints for:

  • Get Finance Accounts.
  • Get Finance Account Types.
  • Get Finance Account by ID.

Take a look at our detailed API Docs for details on the API.


We've released a new report: "Compliance - Lab Test Results."

  • Find it in Analytics/Reports/Compliance - Lab Test Results

Get insight into your lab results. This report provides a detailed summary of lab test results for cannabis samples, including quantity, lab, and submission dates. Graphs display trends over 30 days, with THC and CBD percentages for each sample and associated harvest origins.

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