How to split a group

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Sometimes when using Flourish you may need to split, consolidate or repurpose individual plants in an already existing plant group. This can happen for many reasons such as pest infestation, size consistency, genetic selection the list goes on.

In the event that you have a group of plants and need to split some of those plants out of the group, the steps below will walk you through how to do so.

First, find the plant group you want to break up, and select Split Group.


You will need to fill out the information about the split group action. This will ask you if you want to split the group up by strain or by individual plants. Flourish will also ask where these plants are going. Do you want to add those split plants to a new group or to an existing group? Finally, Flourish will ask which plant IDS you want to split.

For Metrc Users

You will see a screen looking more like the one below. In some cases, you may want to split up an immature plant group, by taking some plants out and moving them to a mature plant group. In this case, you need to specify how many plants from each immature plant batch you wish to deduct. In the case above, this will also prompt you to assign mature plant ID numbers to those plants being placed in a mature status.

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