Retail - POS - Split an order line into multiple lines of the same item.

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Why split an order line?

Having multiple lines for the same items gives you the flexibility to discount precisely how you want!

To learn how to split, please see the steps and watch the videos below!

How do I split?

At the point of sale, while the client is Shopping, you can split the order line with more than one unit of the item on order. Here is how you do it:

  1. Click View Cart.
  2. Locate the order line you want to split.
  3. Click the Split button.
  4. Set the new Quantity to apply to the New Line.
  5. Click Create New Line.
  6. Allocate the packages to the lines.

Already allocated?

No worries. By default, Flourish takes care of the packages and allocates them to the new lines unless you want to do it manually.

Let Flourish work for me.

This is the default selection. Use the same steps, and Flourish automatically move package allocations to the new line as needed.

I control the packages.

If you want to allocate specific packages to the lines you split, Uncheck the Allow Flourish to automatically move package allocations to the new line as needed and set the New Line precisely as you want them to be.


Split before allocation.

Split after allocation.

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