LeafLink Troubleshooting 101

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Sometimes things don’t sync up between Flourish and LeafLink. The good news is that LeafLink issues are easy to resolve! Here are some quick investigation tips to help get your business back on track:

Check the Status of the Integration

If the integration between Flourish and LeafLink is inactive, the two platforms won’t talk to each other – nothing will sync between them. It’s good practice to check and see if the integration is active.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Integrations > LeafLink.
  2. Find LeafLink integration and look under the LeafLink logo.
    1. Is the Current Status set to Active? If it is, you’re good to go!
  1. If the status is Inactive, contact your implementation engineer or Flourish support to get it activated.

Check the Item's Sync Status

If an item is out-of-sync with LeafLink, it can prevent orders and inventory levels from syncing.

Why do out-of-sync items prevent orders from syncing? (Click to expand)
Let's say you have an order with ten items on it and nine of them aren't synced with LeafLink. Your order would flow through to Flourish with only one item on it, and that's just not right!

That wouldn't be a good experience for you or your customers. We want to do our best to make sure your LeafLink orders are accurate and complete, so even if just one item on an order of hundreds is out-of-sync, we won't bring it into Flourish at all.
  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Integrations > LeafLink > Item Sync.
  2. Enter the name of your item in the search bar.
    1. Check the Sync Status column. Is the item in-sync? If it is, you’re good to go!
  1. If the item is out-of-sync, check the Sync Error in the Messages column.
    1. Have an error? Check out this article on what item integration error messages mean.
  2. If the item shows a N/A sync status, the item doesn’t have the Ecommerce flag on. Click here to learn how to turn this flag on and sync the item to LeafLink.

We can help! Check out the articles below for more troubleshooting steps.

Still Need Help?

Please contact the support team and let us know the following:

  • The name of your facility in Flourish.
  • The name & SKU of the item you’re having trouble with.
  • The LeafLink order ID you’re having trouble with.

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