METRC Harvesting - Wet Weights, Dry Weights, Harvest Packages and completion

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METRC Harvesting - Wet Weights, Dry Weights, Package from Harvest, and Finish Harvest

Once your Flowering plant group is harvested and you cut the plants down, you will begin the harvest process. Below are the steps to harvest a flowering group and move the plants to the "Harvest" tab in Flourish, where you enter your wet weights through "Processing" and then to Harvest package creation.

Metrc does not differentiate from Wet Waste vs. Dry Waste. The waste logged in the Harvest log under the "Processing" tab adds to the total waste.
To send waste weights to Metrc, you will need to select the "Record Waste" Option under the "action" button dropdown under either the Harvest or Processing tab in Grow.

Flourish supports many workflows for harvesting and manage post-harvest weights. Below is a general summary of steps to follow, but your actual workflow may differ. For example, you may package all whole wet weight and process it elsewhere.

  1. Select the Groups or Plants to harvest
  2. Create a new harvest or harvest into an existing harvest
  3. METRC required a whole wet weight per plant.
    1. Manually enter these numbers.
    2. Use the CSV export and import to upload weights.
    3. Use our hand scanner to input these weights
  4. Use the Log Waste action to log total wet waste
  5. Once you are ready to start trimming, move the Harvest to the processing tab
  6. Enter dry weights here. Any weights entered here are not reported to METRC. This is a great way for you to document what you have on hand Before packing it into inventory.
    NOTE: Most states required packaging and finishing the harvest within a specific time period, often 90 days.
  7. Create packages to officially tag inventory and deduct from the aggregate weights entered.
  8. Use the action menu to log any dry waste. This will be reported back to METRC.
  9. Once you are completely finished, you can "complete" the harvest.
    NOTE: This is a final action that you can not undo.

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