Creating Outbound Shipments and METRC Transfers

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After creating your outbound order, you'll need to add it to a shipment in Flourish, generate a transfer in METRC, then ship your shipment in Flourish. This is similar to the non-METRC workflow, but there are key differences in the timing of each action to make sure that everything remains in sync with METRC.


Here are the general steps you take to create a shipment in Flourish, a MERC transfer based on shipment data, and send them both out. We will walk you through every step in detail below.

  1. Create the shipment in Flourish.
  2. Use the Chrome Extension or Transfer Template to create a transfer in METRC.
  3. Ship the transfer in METRC.
  4. Ship the shipment in Flourish.
  5. Sync transfers to Flourish from METRC.

State Requirements

Some states have specific requirements surrounding what can and cannot be added to a transfer. We've listed some of the most important requirements below, but always be sure to check your state's requirements to remain in compliance.

Requirements by State (click to expand)
California (CA)
• CA does not support multi-stop transfers. You can only add one stop to your shipments.
Florida (FL)
• FL requires two drivers on your shipments.
Massachusetts (MA)
• MA requires two drivers on your shipments.

Creating a Shipment

Before you can create your transfer in METRC, you'll need to add your orders to a shipment in Flourish.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to the Outbound module.
  2. Click Shipments, then click Create A Shipment.
  3. Select the following where applicable:
    1. Driver (click New Driver to create a new driver)
    2. Second Driver (FL and MA require a second driver
    3. Vehicle (click New Vehicle to create a new vehicle)
    4. Distributor
    5. Time of Departure
  4. Click the Start Shipment & Add Orders button.
  5. Click the Save Shipment button and come back to it later or Add Orders/Stops.

Finding and Editing your Shipments

Flourish makes it easy to locate shipment if you've navigated away and need to edit or return to it.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to the Outbound module.
  2. Click Shipments > All Shipments.
  3. Use the filters and search bar to locate the shipment.
  4. Click the Shipment ID to edit the shipment.

Adding Orders/Stops

After you've created your shipment, you will need to add an order to it.

Most states only allow one order/stop per shipment. Please ship one order/stop per shipment.
  1. Click the Add an Order/Stop button.
  2. Under Order #, select the sales order number from the dropdown.
  3. Select your Est. Arrival Time.
  4. Click the Save Shipment button and come back to it later or Add Orders/Stops.

After you've added your order to a shipment, you can print a manifest. When you print your shipment manifests, your shipment's status will update to Manifest Printed.

  1. Click Export PDF to print the shipping manifest.
  2. Select the kind of manifest you want to print.
    1. Manifest by Package ID
    2. Manifest by Lot
  3. Click Print COAs to print all of the COA PDFs uploaded to the packages on your order.

Creating a Transfer

After you've printed your documents, you can create your transfer in METRC.

Make sure to create the transfer in METRC before you ship the shipment in Flourish. 'Shipped' shipments will not appear in the Chrome extension.

You can use either the Chrome extension or our METRC Transfer Template feature to create the transfer in METRC first. After you've created your transfer, you can ship the shipment in Flourish.

Chrome Extension

You can use the Chrome extension to automatically populate METRC transfers with details from orders in an Orders Assigned or Manifest Printed status. For more information, check out our article on the Chrome extension.

  1. In METRC, navigate to your Transfers.
  2. Click New Transfer.
  3. Click on the extension icon in the top-right corner of the browser window.
  4. Choose the shipment and type.
  5. Click Fill Transfer Form.
    1. The extension will copy your shipment data from Flourish into the appropriate fields on the METRC Transfer form.
  6. Verify the information and click Register Transfer.

METRC Transfer Templates

You can use the Create Transfer feature in Flourish to create a METRC Transfer Template as an alternative to the Chrome extension.

  1. In Flourish, locate and open your shipment.
  2. Click the Create Transfer button.
  3. In METRC, click Transfers and select Templates from the dropdown.
  4. Click Use to convert the template to a transfer.
  5. Verify all the details are correct, then click Register.

Shipping a Shipment

After you've created your transfer in METRC, you can ship your shipment in Flourish. When you ship a shipment, the packages will transition from Allocated to Shipped status and be removed from your active inventory.

  1. In Flourish, locate and open your shipment.
  2. Look over the details. If everything looks correct, click the Ship Shipment button.
  3. Click Ship it to confirm.
    1. If you're not ready yet, click Ship it Later.

Syncing Transfers from METRC

The final step is to sync your transfer from METRC. This will bring all of the transfer information from METRC into Flourish.

If you forget to sync your transfers, that's not a problem! Flourish will automatically pull transfer information from METRC automatically once per day at midnight PST.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Outbound > Transfers.
  2. Click the button (it will turn green when you hover over it).

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